FF encourages All Bands to turn All their shows this next month into Pro-Health Care Reform Rallies.

Perhaps even more importantly:  FF encourages all those American music websites to ask all their favorite bands to turn their shows into Pro-Health Care Reform Rallies!

Why not make sure the world knows that all of us true grandmother-loving, pro-American, ‘young people’ haven’t given up our political involvement?

They think that us ‘young people’ (so to speak…) don’t care anymore, you know.¬† That we have we have retreated to our caves, or communes, or moms’ basements, or new condos in the 11222, or… whatevs.

Show them that it’s not true!¬† (And there’s a good chance that you don’t have health insurance to begin with…..)

Sure, we can disagree on the details.  But Patriotic American Rock-n-Roll FansРand bandsРand Music WebsitesРmust surely agree that our nation is in desperate need of health care reform.

We can’t sit, or stand, or drive, idly by while the most outrageous lies get told in the most offensive manner.
WV Saafreen and Sarita at merch table 2 S

Why not have some information at your merch table, letting people know how they can support health care reform?  Why not put someone on your guest list who can talk to people about how they can support health care reform?  Why not mention that sort of thing from the stage, in the midst of one of your charming in-between-song monologues?

Web-sites:  why not ask all those bands to do that sort of thing?  Right up until September 8th, when Congress comes back in session.

Why, just think of how much more fun for everyone it will be if an anti-reform mob, with all their swastika stickers and show-us-your-birth-certificate banners and joker make-up, come on down and picket the show?  I mean, Rally!

What an easy way to expand your fan base!

Tell your managers and interns that you want to turn your show into a Pro-Health Care Reform Rally!

Websites:  make them do it!  (They do whatever you say, you know.)

5 Responses to “A CALL TO ALL BANDS!”

  1. Madame de Jean Paul Gaultier Says:

    Dear Eleanor ,
    Tu es nul Eleanor !! :O
    j’aime pas ta musique ! tu m’enerve t’apparait meme dans mon magazine GRAZIA !!! x( ! t’est trop chanceuse en plus t’est avec Alex Kapranos ( le plus bel homme sur terre *o* ) mais c’est quoi cette merde !! je suis mechante avec toi mais t’inquiete pas un jour la ou tu t’y attendra le moin ! je te blancerais ma canette de RED BULL sur toi ! et oui je te hais je n’est rien contre les autres mais toi je te hais !!tout simplement car tu detruit ma vie !!! a bientot ma chere ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER !
    PS : je connais tout sur toi et l’email que je t’est envoyer n’est pas le mien je suis isieuse !!! je sais tr√©s bien que tu vas appeler ton ALEX KAPRANOS car tu es une poule mouilll√© !! -_-’

    Signé : Madame de Jean Paul Gaultier

  2. Madame Patate Says:

    Euh … vous avez peur de moi ou quoi !! mais qu’est ce que tu vas me faire hein !! mais putai de merde !!!! j’en est rale cul !!! de me faire chi√© a ecrire des choses qui me tiennent a coeur et pis en plus ta musique est nul voila je les dit !!! pis en plus t’est moche !! et oui je m’adresse a eleanor friedberger !!!!!!!! elle ma piqu√© alex kapranos cette nouille !! >< tu verras un jour on te le piquera !!! sale nouille !!
    signé :
    Madame Patate

  3. marilina Says:

    HIIII GUYS! :D i follow you on twitter and you follow me on twitter BUT now (i don’t know why!!) i had to reset my password and I CAN’T ENTEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! jhjhdsjadh √≤_√≥ my account was locked temporarily. that’s what says the page:

    Locked out!
    We’ve temporarily locked your account after too many failed attempts to sign in. Please chillax for a few, then try again.


    :cry: is not faaaaaaaaiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr!!


    ok..have a good weekend!!

    bye!! :D

  4. marilina Says:

    my twitter is still aliveeeee!!! yay!!

    Needle prick my spruce root. Dear little hemlock shoot. Make me stay sharp and keen, evergreen.


    something weird is happening to me now… i don’t know what could be……………


  5. Ben Vs The World Says:

    Hello Furnaces, here seems as good a place as any to post:
    Drove to Leeds from the North East to see you on the 9th (it rained, there were 2hr traffic jams, we saw a man who appeared to be dry-humping a building, jeff put custard on his chicken at the bad chinese buffet…).

    Loved the show (and also loved that most of you were watching the support and none of the crowd appeared to recognise you). You made my day by opening with rub alcohol blues (my unplayed request from last years Birmingham show). Really enjoyed it all, especially the return of the patented furnaces medley. Makes a change from the glum-rock of the last time (sorry, that’s probably not even fair).

    I was the tank top wearing mo fo at the front grinning like a chesire cat for the whole set.

    Oh and apologies to Ealanor since in a moment of star struck vacancy I kind of barked a random inquisition about why she was manning the merch stand (I only wanted to replace my lost bitter tea pin badge!).

    Thanks to Matt who translated my random lyrics as a request for Take Me Round Again, though must admit I was angling for a re-run of of the arrangement on that last nyctaper show. Do come and revisit blighty sometime soon – any chance of you coming anywhere near Newcastle next time around?

    Oh, and I hope you had a listen to whatever was on that cd mr brewis gave you, that guy is also a musical genius.

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